The Ten Thousand Turks Campaign, launched by The Turkish Coalition USA Political Action Committee (TC-USA PAC)  on April 29, 2010, is dedicated to reaching out to over 10,000 Turkish-Americans and friends of Turkey willing to take a stand to support candidates that understand the value of positive U.S.-Turkish relations.  The campaign is not just for Turkish Americans who can afford to provide large contributions – this campaign is for the people, and any Turkish American or other American friend of Turkey can become one of the 10,000 by contributing just $5 or more to Turkish American PACs!

Since 2007, Turkish American PACs has raised over $1,750,000. It has done this with the support of only a handful of Turkish Americans and friends of Turkey. This is less than one thousandth of the estimated number of Turkish Americans living, working and thriving in the United States!   We need to reach out to 10,000 Turks in the United States to support the TC-USA PAC. By Turks, we are referring to those Turkish Americans and other American friends of Turkey that understand the importance of a positive U.S. – Turkey relationship.

The goal of this campaign is to reach 10,000 Turks. Continuous bi-partisan support for candidates who support our issues is our goal.